Volume Spike

This table includes the stocks that experienced volume spike if compared to transaction volume one day before. Volume is an important indicator as it represents the amount of shares that are changed hand in a particular time frame. Hence, if there is a high increase in volume, extra attention should be given to the stocks.

How to use?

1. By looking at the volume alone, the depth of understanding is limited. Share turnover rate should be calculated to better understand the degree of significance. (Turnover rate = volume/ total outstanding shares)
2. If the volume spike is accompanied with price gain, it is simple to understand that certain group of traders are becoming optimistic in the particular counter. The reason might be any positive announcement or any undisclosed reasons.
3. By using technical analysis, fundamental checks, candlesticks pattern, trendline support, we can have an idea whether it is a right price and good timing to enter the market.

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