Technical Indicator


Stock QuoteKLSE CounterSignal
AMPROPMACD Bullish Upward Crossover (Within 10 days)
CVIEWMACD Downward Crossover (Bearish)
IJMMACD Upward Centerline Crossover (Within 7 days)
NPCMACD stays near centerline
TOCEANDouble Upward Cross below Centerline
PRTASCOMACD below Centerline and Moving Uptrend
MKLANDMACD Bullish Divergence

Moving Average

Stock QuoteKLSE CounterSignal
MAGNASMA 14 days cross above SMA 20 days
IVORYSMA 20 days cross above SMA 30 days
GUOCOSMA 20 days bullish crossover
HOOVERSMA 50 days bullish crossover
HOOVERSMA 100 days bullish crossover
GAMUDASMA 20 days bearish crossover
SPSETIASMA 50 days bearish crossover
SPSETIASMA 100 days bearish crossover
GUOCOEMA 25 days bullish crossover
IGBREITEMA 25 & 50 days bullish convergence

RSI & Stochastics

Stock QuoteKLSE CounterSignal
F&NRSI > 70
IWCITYStochastics < 30
DBHDStochastics > 70
WCTStochastics Crossover & Oversold

Weighted Moving Average

Stock QuoteKLSE CounterSignal
GUOCOWeighted Moving Average 60 days Bullish Crossover
UOADEVWeighted Moving Average 100 days Bullish Crossover
MUHIBAHWeighted Moving Average 200 days Bullish Crossover

Average Directional Index (ADI)

Stock QuoteKLSE CounterSignal
CHHB+DI cross above -DI (Within 7 days)
ECOWLDADI > 25 (Within 7 days)

True Strength Index (TSI)

Stock QuoteKLSE CounterSignal
GUOCOTSI Bullish Signal Line Crossover
ENCORPTSI Centerline Crossover
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