1. Why it is not free to access all information?

Reply: KLSE Stockpick started off by offering free data for 6 months. Within this half year, our team worked hard to deliver accurate, on-time data and also continuous improvement on our website. We sincerely hope that our product manages to help investors/ traders in selecting potential stocks in KLSE market. However, to maintain the sustainability of our service, we decided to roll out subscription plan that will limited the access of our website content for those free users.

2. How will we utilize the money received from subscriber?

Reply: KLSE Stockpick will look forward to expanding its services by improving its stock charts, offering more in-depth analysis, recruiting more talents, making our websites more user-friendly, and more on.

3. How can I use KLSE Stockpick in picking stocks?

Reply: One thing to take note that the purpose of KLSE Stockpick is to shorten your time in picking stocks. More than 900 stocks can be found in KLSE Main and Ace markets. Without KLSE Stockpick, it will be tedious and difficult to screen the stocks based on your own strategy. That is the reason why we set up KLSE Stockpick, to facilitate your stock screening. After all, you have to do research and make buying or selling decision on your own. KLSE Stockpick will not take responsibility in any wins or loses. We hope you understand our situation and apologize for any misunderstanding.

4. How can I contact KLSE Stockpick if I would like to know more or seek advice in using KLSE Stockpick?

Reply: You can always reach us at klsestockpick@gmail.com. Our team will reply within one working day.